Selling a business: a meaningful moment

This is probably one of the most important milestones of your career. After being an entrepreneur for years, you have decided to sell your business. This complex process requires preparation, expertise and experience to achieve the best outcomes. BHB Dullemond is here to help! We can help not only on financial, legal and interpersonal levels, but also as an initiator, facilitator and guardian of the sales process. Not only do we provide content and direction, but we are personally involved with you as an individual, since the process we guide you through contains such decisive moments; it may even be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The right planning is essential to the deal's success

A successful sale always begins with thorough preparations. Many of the advisors and accountants capable of assisting you will immediately begin with the sales process. That is not how we do things at BHB Dullemond. Due to our vast experience, we know that is largely the preparations that determine the success of the sale and price paid. We typically begin the sales process by determining the value of your enterprise or insurance portfolio, which is commonly referred to as the business valuation. We also focus on preparing your business for sale, identifying the right buyers and choosing how to approach the negotiations.

We will find the right buyer for your business

For over twenty-five years, we have been in daily contact with service provider entrepreneurs in your sector. Therefore, we are well aware of the current demand and supply in the market. In tandem with our extensive network of strategic parties, fellow M&A advisors, banks and private equity firms, we will find the right buyer for you. Whether this entails a sale to a strategic party at home or abroad, a private equity firm or implementing a pre-exit.

We will stay involved until the sales agreement is signed.

While you sell your business, we will take care of all your concerns. For every process, we take the right steps at the right time. We keep to a tight schedule and maintain a global overview of the process. From the search for the right buyers, attention to tax and legal issues, negotiations, guidance on due diligence, managing the digital data room and contracts to signing the final sales agreement.

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