Benefits of selling your business

More than 1.000 sales transactions completed

Our M&A firm already has more than 1.000 sales transactions to our name.

Extensive network of potential buyers

We have a large network at our disposal in your sector. We are in contact daily with entrepreneurs and businesses in the financial services sector. We are therefore well-informed about the current market demand and supply, securing the best match as a result. Due to our name recognition, buyers and investment firms can find us quickly.

Over twenty-five years of knowledge and experience

BHB Dullemond has assisted with the sale and purchase of businesses since 1998. We are aware of all the obstacles that may arise while selling your business. But we also know the critical factors for attaining the best sales outcome. Not only for you, but also for the acquiring party.

BHB Dullemond maintains complete independence while working with other specialists and advisors

Value-enhancing expertise

Besides a proper valuation, we also look at possible synergy effects for the buyer, the number of interested buyers, the quality of the forecast, financeability and market developments. This nearly always has a value-enhancing effect. We will also advise you on how to increase your business value in preparation for the sale.

A value-added deal

The deals we realise provide added value for the buyer and seller alike. We build bridges between the interests of all stakeholders, such as your employees and clients. This not only results in a better selling price, but also the possibility for the (acquired) company to continue is development in the future.