Damage and conflict assessment

BHB Dullemond has extensive experience in litigation where the economic value of a business or a project is at stake. We regularly act as an expert. For instance, if you disagree with other shareholders about the value of the shares. Or when determining damages due to the interim termination of a cooperation agreement. Having a clear and reliable valuation or calculation of damages on the table is vital to improving your chances of successfully exiting the conflict.

Valuation by a Business Valuator with market expertise

When valuing equity stakes, substantiation by a Business Valuator is crucial. Our Business Valuator has extensive experience with these legal proceedings. She also regularly works with law firms to ensure that your dispute is resolved as favourably as possible.

Court-appointed expert

We regularly serve as an independent expert appointed by courts or tribunals. In these instances, we issue an independent, objective and neutral report on the economic value of a business or project. We are also engaged several times a year to act as a partisan or impartial expert or binding advisor.