Business mergers

Real-world realisation of potential advantages

Some businesses are stronger together than on their own. That is the objective of a business merger. When two companies join forces, they can leverage their individual strengths to achieve numerous advantages. These include reducing overheads, the possibility of cheaper procurement, amassing a monopolistic position locally, taking advantage of economies of scale and even entering new markets. Many mergers, however, do not yield the gains that the partners concerned envisaged. Unfortunately, there is no specific formula for a successful merger. Our extensive experience, however, enables us to identify potential obstacles and avoid errors. We have many successful mergers to our name and can help you actually realise the potential benefits.

Independent project leader

In a merger, we see our role is that of an independent project leader. We provide an independent valuation of the businesses concerned, arrange the necessary contracts and secure the financing for the newly merged entity.

Interpersonal relations are a top priority

We believe that achieving a fruitful merger largely depends on striking a balance between the interests of all parties concerned. And we do this by leaving no stone unturned for all stakeholders because cultural and interpersonal relations are the key factors for a successful merger.