Pepijn Steenmetz

M&A Consultant

After obtaining his master's in Finance & Investments, Pepijn began as an M&A Analyst at BHB Dullemond before advancing into his position as an M&A Consultant. For BHB Dullemond, Pepijn is responsible for the Health and safety services sector. Pepijn was employed at ABN-AMRO Private Banking during his studies, where he acquired considerable expertise in advisory work and asset management. In his work, the primary driving force for Pepijn is adding value for his clients.


BSc in Business Administration and an MSc in Finance & Investments (both from Erasmus University Rotterdam).

Professional experience

Treasurer, ABN-AMRO Internal Association.

Hobbies and passions

Pepijn is an all-around sports enthusiast, but he loves playing football. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his friends doing fun activities.

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