Occupational Health and Safety Services have proven to be economically crisis-proof

The world has changed rapidly in the past year, both as a result of the coronavirus and subsequent policy measures. Various business sectors experienced a large decline in turnover and growth as a result of the lockdown(s).

While airline companies, travel organisations, the hospitality industry and the transport sector suffered most during the corona crisis, the impact of the corona virus was far smaller on occupational health and safety services. In fact, corona and the stress associated with the virus have resulted in more positive returns. The ever-increasing need to curb absenteeism is also driving innovation and growth in the market. 2020 was a good year for occupational health and safety service providers, and the financial outlook for 2021 is also positive.

This Acquisition Monitor shows that the number of takeovers in the occupational health and safety service sector is increasing. However, we have noticed that, unlike the insurance market, mergers and takeovers are not widely publicised. In the next chapters, we will not only clarify the figures, but also the underlying developments.

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