Occupational health and safety services are increasingly an extension of insurance offices

The market for occupational health and safety services and reintegration is in full swing. This not only shows from the takeovers and acquisitions that occur, the market dynamics (rising state pension age and increased participation in the labour force of the over-50s), but also from the market growth figures.

The Central Bureau of Statistics in the Netherlands (CBS) recently mentioned a growth rate of 8% (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 2021). Although a large number of players are active in the health and safety services market, there are a small number of important players rapidly gaining market share.

An important reason for this development is the strengthening relationship between health and safety service providers and insurers/brokers. Since occupational health and safety services are increasingly related to the insurance brokers, we examine this relation and the consequences for the acquisitions within the market for occupational health and safety service providers. In this edition, we interview two industry experts about the cooperation between their occupational health and safety service and the insurance sector and the strategic added value it brings. 

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