Lieuwe Bil

M& Analyst

After completing his pre-master's in Finance, Lieuwe began working as an M&A Analyst for BHB Dullemond. Throughout his studies, Lieuwe served as an interim Assistant Controller for assorted companies on behalf of Finanxe. This work gave him a solid financial base from which to grow his knowledge of mergers and acquisitions. Lieuwe is a driven financial professional with a keen interest in how internal financial processes intersect. He is always looking for the story behind the numbers.


Higher Professional Education (HBO) in Finance & Control (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), a pre-master's in Finance (Tilburg University) and he will be starting his MSc in Finance in September.

Professional experience

During his higher professional education programme, Lieuwe completed his graduation internship at Capitalize2day, where he acquired expertise from inside the M&A sector. After completing his programme, Lieuwe worked as an interim Assistant Controller at various companies on behalf of Finanxe.

Hobbies and passions

Lieuwe frequently visits the gym and likes to hang out with his friends. He also plays the guitar.

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