Jorg Quapp

M&A Director / Partner

Jorg joined BHB Dullemond on March 2022, bringing with him seventeen years of international experience in mergers and acquisitions. In recent years, Jorg has primarily specialised in the commercial services and technology sectors. Jorg has supervised previous transactions in the insurance sector involving intermediaries, MGAs, claims management and software. Jorge is a dedicated M&A Advisor who enjoys helping his clients achieve the best possible outcomes. As a partner, Jorg is a key player in the continued expansion and evolution of the company.


Executive master's degree in Business Valuation & M&A (University of Groningen Business School), MSc in Technical Business Administration (Eindhoven University of Technology) and a foundation course (propedeuse) in Econometrics (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

Professional experience

Five years as part of the M&A team for KPMG Netherlands, of which the last three years as the Director and Head of the Business Services sector team, six years with SNS REAAL and Propertize, initially as part of the Corporate Development team of SNS REAAL and later as Head of Strategy at Propertize, as well as six years working in investment banking for Kempen & Co and then NIBC.


Mergers and acquisitions, valuation, financing and helping entrepreneurs and owners highlight what makes their company stand out from the rest.

Hobbies and passions

Jorg is a guitarist with a fondness for the blues, folk music, rock and 90s-era grunge. He loves taking leisurely strolls along the beach with his family and dogs. He also into running and (recreational) mountain biking.

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