Carlo de Moel

Industry Expert

Carlo has spent virtually his entire career in senior financial and operational positions — including as the CFO/COO at an international insurance broker and as CFO for an insurer — so he has accumulated vast management experience in Finance & Operations. He has proven himself a pleasant and reliable business partner due to his special blend of analytical, empathic and communication skills and his pragmatic approach to work.


Business Economics, HOFAM (QC) post-HBO Controller Education Programme and various financial and management (day) courses for continuing education (e.g. NIMA A, commercial lending, Krauthammer, credit management and strategic control and scenario planning)

Professional experience

A period as a Statutory Director/CFO with an insurer, several months as an interim CFO/interim Executive Manager, ten years as a CFO/COO/Director for an international insurance broker (various entities); of which four years as a Statutory Director, three years as an Accountant for an insurer, six years as a Financial Controller for an insurance broker and three years as an Assistant Controller at a wholesaler in watches and jewellery. Carlo has been working as an M&A Advisor for BHB Dullemond since 2018.


Guidance on mergers and acquisitions, business valuations and transaction damages.
Considerable expertise regarding the stock exchange, co-insurance and proxies.

Hobbies and passions

In his free time, Carlo gravitates toward running, cycling and skiing. Carlo also serves as the Director and Treasurer of Nova (an athletics association) and as the Director of the Vrienden voor een ander, a foundation that provides financial support for charitable institutions like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by organising one-day music and theatre events.

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